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The Quotable Professor C

If you think you're going to find a "system" or an "algo" or a "way" to make big bucks as a day trader, you're not a pro; you're nothing but a gambler, and you'll end up like almost every gambler ever has all through history. On the bright side, we love people like you.


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Archive for October 2015

Risk and Return, delivered on October 26, 2015

Run time: 0:49:55
Type: mp3 audio file

Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, delivered on October 21, 2015

Run time: 0:53:12
Type: mp3 audio file

Review for Exam 1, delivered on October 12, 2015

Run time: 0:52:27
Type: mp3 audio file

Stock Valuation, delivered on October 7, 2015

Run time: 0:54:33
Type: mp3 audio file

Equity, delivered on October 5, 2015

Run time: 0:53:32
Type: mp3 audio file

Bond Price Dynamics, delivered on September 30, 2015

Run time: 0:49:10
Type: mp3 audio file