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    Business Finance
    The Final Exam is online and available starting at 5:30 p.m. CDT on May 4. The exam closes at 7:35 p.m.

Class Notices


FIL 240

Office time during Final Exam Week will be on Monday, April 4 from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Check your email for the ZOOM details.


Some, but not all, of articles below are assignments which will be stated specifically in class as such.
Political Commentary
    For a serious walk on the wild side, the remastered video, Zeitgeist: Addendum, is available at the official Zeitgeist site. Be forewarned: this is the definitive movie for conspiracy theory fans; it goes all the way from religion, through 9/11, to the U.S. banking system, and finally into the North American Union and RFID chips. There's something for anyone who's ever wondered if what we are told might not be the truth. The movie is two hours long, so have some popcorn ready to watch the show. (And, no, I am not recommending this movie; it very well might offend the socks off you.)


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Review for Final Exam, delivered on December 3, 2015

Run time: 0:39:46
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Review for Exam 2, delivered on November 17, 2015

Run time: 0:47:13
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Component Costs of Capital, delivered on November 12, 2015

Run time: 0:53:17
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Cost of Capital, delivered on November 10, 2015

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Capital Asset Pricing Model, delivered on November 5, 2015

Run time: 1:05:01
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Systematic Risk and the Equity Premium, delivered on November 3, 2015

Run time: 0:55:26
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Measuring Expected Return and Volatility, delivered on October 29, 2015

Run time: 0:47:39
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Risk and Return, delivered on October 13, 2015

Run time: 0:55:33
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Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, delivered on October 13, 2015

Run time: 0:59:14
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Review for Exam 1, delivered on October 13, 2015

Run time: 0:42:51
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Stock Valuation, delivered on October 8, 2015

Run time: 1:02:16
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Equity, delivered on October 6, 2015

Run time: 1:03:59
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Bond Price Dynamics, delivered on October 1, 2015

Run time: 0:59:44
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Bonds, delivered on September 29, 2015

Run time: 1:02:57
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Debt Instruments, delivered on September 24, 2015

Run time: 0:59:01
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Interest Rates and Yields, delivered on September 22, 2015

Run time: 0:50:49
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Annuities and Perpetuities, delivered on September 15, 2015

Run time: 0:56:26
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Yield Curve, delivered on September 10, 2015

Run time: 0:47:53
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Time Value of Money, delivered on September 8, 2015

Run time: 1:06:17
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Ratio Analysis, delivered on September 3, 2015

Run time: 0:51:58
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Financial Statement Analysis, delivered on September 1, 2015

Run time: 1:06:42
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Special Topic, Interest Rates and Securities, delivered on August 27, 2015

Run time: 0:58:23
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Special Topic, The Federal Reserve, delivered on August 25, 2015

Run time: 1:13:06
Type: mp3 audio file

Introduction to Finance, delivered on August 18, 2015

Run time: 1:02:12
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